It's getting hot, it's getting wild, it's exhilarating! Anything can happen when Evi & das Tier and their band The Glanz conquer the stage. The furious mixture of music, acrobatics and all forms of sensuality get the house on fire right from the very first second.

Celebrated Burlesque Stars like Tara La Luna, Erochica Bamboo and Coraline de Paris are the icing on the cake of LET’S BURLESQUE. They are the embodiment of pure glamour and their steamy performance is always classy and elegant. Erotic dreams are guaranteed when you see them peeling off their glittering robes, at times sinfully, others sweetly .

Robert Choinka is the big surprise with his artistic skills and body-mastery. As the epitome of archaic masculinity the handstandartist presents himself distinctly powerfull and very nonchalant.

LET`S BURLESQUE! is the celebration of a free spirit and a new exciting awareness of life. It’s time to clap, scream, whistle, cheer and dance on the tables! In other words: Let’s Burlesque!