Evi Niessner

Founder and CEO of the M&G Showcompany  in 1997 together with her husband Mr. Leu. Creation of the show, artistic director, regie and casting. The educated opera singer, comedienne and actress is the company-mum kind of boss of the whole wild troup, and has on stage and backstage anything anytime under control.

Mr. Leu

Together with Evi Niessner he founded the M&G Showcompany in 1997. Creation of the show, artistic director, regie, musical director. The dipl. grafic designer is also responsible for the whole artwork and presentation of the show. But on stage he becomes the legendary Tier, that gets everything out of himself and out of the piano with his crazy performance.

Tara La Luna

Her career startet on the catwalk as a model for pin-up, fetish- and high-fashion labels, which brought her instantly attention from famous photographers like Peter Lindbergh who portrayed her. She is known as a forerunner of the neo-burlesque movement. Her identification is noble elegance presented in absolute perfection.

Miss Erochica Bamboo

In her home country Japan she is a star. By her dance performances and her events Miss Erochica Bamboo has substantially influenced the Burlesque scene in Tokyo.



She is a ballett-trained showgirl and definitely the youngster in Let’s Burlesque! She hit the stage already in Friedrichstadtpalast in Berlin, in ensembles of five star-oceanliners, and recently in the cult-TV production Babylon Berlin. The french dancer spreads the certain french ohlala-flair.

Robert Choinka

With his equilibristic act, native Polish Robert Choinka graduated from the Berlin School of Acrobatic Arts in 2005. His special manner in which he combines high end body-art with ironic coolness is simply made for Let’s Burlesque!


Ben „King” Perkoff

“The King” is an institution in the international music scene. By his unique sound and his devotion to entertaining Ben Perkoff is the perfect musician for this show.


David Tröscher

Born in Wiesbaden, he started his musical career at the Wiesbadener Konservatorium and graduated from the Frankfurter Musikwerkstatt as a state-approved professional musician and instrumental teacher for Jazz and Pop. Since his debut in 1998 at Circus Sarrasani he enjoys a high reputation as one of the most versatile drummers in German showbiz.


Robin Draganic

Grown up in Canada, Robin Draganic travelled through Russia and China with his double bass for ten years. In 1988 he settled down in Berlin where he has been leading the legendary jam-session “Robin’s Nest” since 1997.


Uwe Czebulla Choreography

The dancer and choreograph from Berlin is working for all kind of stage-projects as at the Berliner Staatsoper, Schloss Rheinsberg, Jutta Deutschland Company. He simply loves to let "the dolls dance“.

Verena Rogler Queen-of-Sound

The most wanted sound-personage of the entire show-business! With unmatched expert-knowledge and empathy she makes each show to a full sound total artwork. A true artist of sound who creates her sound hand in hand with the musicians on stage and dedicated to the audience. Without her catching laughter the whole tour would be only half as jolly.

Jens Günther God-of-Light

With his background of Vaudeville, Travesty and all kinds of frivolous stage-arts he is the specialist, to bathe Let’s Burelsque! in glamorous and atmospheric light. It’s shining, twinkling and sparkling on stage - and if he is in the right mood, he is putting himself on some glitter-pasties and lets the good times roll.

Hanna Kuster Artist-Management Tour-Booking

The educated event manager from Potsdam has a very sensitive but clear style to book „her“ artists to the music-halls and theaters. With her diplomatic, constructive and reliable manner of work she solves problems before they can arise.

Paul Green Photographer

The native-born Australian is THE Burlesque photographer not only in Germany. With his MORE HUMAN AGENCY he has united all beautiful freaks of the universe in his portfolio.