She is the fascinating host and breath taking vocals of the show, and considered by many to be the First Lady of Burlesque. Sensual, soulful and wickedly funny, this world class artist presents the stars at their brightest.

“There are women who have more spirit, sexiness and charisma in one finger than the most famous top models have in their entire body. That kind of woman is Evi Niessner.” Siegener Zeitung


If a hurricane could play the piano, and a tidal wave could sing, they would try to do it like Mr. Leu. On stage he is the multi-talented master musician and the anarchist showman. To all who have witnessed his craft, he is known as DAS TIER a.k.a THE ANIMAL.

“Truly an animal! A piano berserk with a powerful voice.  A big spectacle!” Stuttgarter Nachrichten

Tara La Luna

LADY IN BLACK - Burlesque-Dancer
Her secret is like the two sides of the moon. One is visible as the other stays in the dark. One side shines in bright light, but the other is mysterious and dangerous. Tara la Luna is like the moon. Nobody can fight her subtile erotic. She simply has got class.

"Glamour pur, aufreizend, und dabei immer stilvoll und elegant!" German Daily News


THE GEISHA – Burlesque dancer
Hotter than wasabi, as gentle as a cherry blossom. Her performance brings the exotic touch to the show. Her mystic and enigmatic aura may twist to a rumbling volcano all of a sudden – a true Japanese Geisha.

“The performances of the burlesque dancers are full of sexual tension, never cheap nor vulgar. The audience cheers graceful moves, true body-art and sensuality.” Wolfenbütteler Zeitung


MADEMOISELLE OHLALA - burlesque dancer - Nobody is such a master in the art of seduction and at the same time so nonchalant as the French dancer Coraline De Paris. A cheeky smile is the start of the metamorphose from the modest french-teacher to the lucent femme fatale.

"Die Entkleidungs-Virtuosin animierte so manchen Gast zu ungewohnt ungezügelten Wallungen." Süddeutsche Zeitung


MANIC MECHANIC – handstand equilibrist
Robert Choinka is the archetype of a real man – a “dirty car mechanic” who definitely knows how to get going anything that might be rusty. It seems he presents his highest level equilibristic like en passant, since all eyes are fixed on that obscenely attractive body. Let that irresistibly cool performer spend a hint of a smile and all the Ladies in the house go crazy!

“Uuuh Sigh! Why don’t they work like this in every garage?” Leipzig LIVE


THE KING – saxophone and flute
A living legend of Rhythm‘n Blues. The „Honker and Shouter“ of Berlin has already roared the Blues for Big Mama Thornton with his saxophone.

“Simply terrific!” Frankfurter Neue Presse


Drums and rhythm performance
Let’s Burlesque’s own version of Michaelangelo’s David with a beat. He is the groove minister on the drumset and a piece unshamedly good looking scenery.

„ A firework of emotions, glamour, crazy humor and burlesque scenes full of fantasy. “ Berlin At Night


Dr. JAZZ – double bass
One of the most popular and most sought-after bassists of Jazz in Germany. He seizes the strings soulfully like no other and gets you really feel the healing power of music.

“During the whole evening it is quite tangible that live performed music is absolutely essential for a good show.” Der Westen Düsseldorf