01-Evi-MAGAZINMiss Evi, what is Burlesque?

“Burlesque is synonym for being nonconformist, for anything that does not fit in a category. Most of all, Burlesque is about celebrating and cultivating a free spirit, it is about taking part in moments full of energy and excitement.”

Isn’t it mainly about „bare facts“?

“Burlesque wouldn’t be what we are talking about if the matter was just sex. In our show you wet your appetite. The subtle and playful way of presenting lust is inspiring. There must be an erotic touch in every move of fingertip, in every little glittering stone, in every note to sing. That is what defines the sex-appeal of Burlesque.”

What do you think is the reason for the hype about Burlesque?

“To me, the hype about burlesque has to do with the audience re-discovering the value of live-shows. People are weary of canned music and the fastfood-like TV program and they long for real entertainment. They want to experience live played music and they want to see authentic artists sharing their passion for performing directly with the audience. Let’s Burlesque is an event to dress up for and to meet people with the same affection. Let’s Burlesque brings up that special spirit, that tingling excitement many are missing in our time.”

What do you expect from your audience?

“Just let yourself go! … and our audience does like that. It is about having a great time, in a manner as exhilarated as sophisticated, according right to the spirit of the twenties. We invite the audience to celebrate with us the spirit of Burlesque!”

Yours, Miss Evi


Vecona Vintage Fashion Routine

The Video of the vintage fashion label Vecona Vintage was awarded first prize of the international Jazz film festival 2015 with our song „Tenderly Blue"! We are delighted and proud to have written this song dedicated to Vecona Vintage and to play and perform it on the video with our band The Glanz.

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